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Opening 18 November, 2016!

We will be open 18 November thru 31 December, 2016  

Sunday through Thursday - 5PM till 9PM

Friday and Saturday - 5PM till 10PM
All dates and times are weather permitting (see below).

Thank you for a GREAT 2015!

As many of you know, Lebanon's Winter Wonderland is an effort by a handfull of volunteers to bring joy and fun to all - especially children.

The 2015 show was a great success.  Thanks to the donations received at the gate,
and several through our webpage (see upper right corner) we are headed for an even better year in 2016.

Funds received are used to pay the electric bill, insurance, and rent for the park.  All remaining funds are then put back into the show. There are NO PAID POSITIONS within the organization, what so ever.

Take a "Step back in Time"
Come see a bit of "yester-year"
with a bit of "tomorrow" thrown in!


The "Blinky" Show!

The show is on the north side of the parking lot, next to the "facilities".

Just look for all the blinking lights, and tune your radio to hear the music (90.5 FM).

Come out and see what we have, and then come back for more.

We look forward to seeing you!!!

 Only Three Things
Stop the Show

Did you know there are only three things that can stop our show?
1)  Lack of Electricity.  
If the power goes out, we will be closed.

2)  Ice on the hill.
On the 8/10 mile ride around the park, there is one point behind the dam that dips down almost 30 feet (measured straight down), around a hairpin curve, then back up to the water level.  If it is found that this area is too slippery, we have to close the show.

3) Torrential Rains.

The Christmas Week rains of 2015 shut down the park when all the fields were flooded.  We use electricity everywhere, and when it is underwater, as it was in 2015, then we must shut down for safety's sake. 

We apologize if this happens on the night you have come out to see it.  
Please try again another night.  



We are ALL Volunteers

Lebanon's Winter Wonderland is a community event provided to you by a group of volunteers dedicated to keeping
alive the memory and feelings that displays of yester-year did for all of us.

We actively invite you to participate by volunteering in any capacity that you can.

Like many activities these days, we are dependent on the talents and generosity of the people of the Lebanon area
to make this display work. We achieve our financial needs through donations. 
Contributions can be made through the internet. See the donate button in the top right corner of these pages.
You can also donate as you enter the park to see the display.

Join us the third Thursday of each month (except November & December) for our get-together @ Legendary Creations - 6PM. 

Exciting opportunities to help: 

Winter weather, with or without snow, is hard on the displays.
Many people have given countless hours to create and to setup the displays.
We want to honor their work by maintaining the displays in the best condition possible. 
Join us and have a lot of fun while doing great things for your friends and neighbors, 
Horner Park, and the community as a whole.

Helping with "Blinky"

Want to know how "Blinky" works?  Perhaps you have ideas for new and varied props, music, etc.

We are looking for people to help with all of the display.  
We are also looking for talented people to work on the newest version of "Blinky".  
This takes people and time.  
If you are a person, and have some time to be part of something really nice, we would love to see you.
(If you are not a person, but are reading this - please contact us as soon as possible.  Show business awaits!!!)


Experience with electricity, lighting,
wood working, music, and computer sequencing would be appreciated,
but is definately not a requirement.  


LWW meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at Legendary Creations here in Lebanon.  
Join Us!

We hope you enjoy this year's display!



Please consider supporting the efforts of the Lebanon Winter Wonderland!


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