A Short History Lesson

Having started in 2008, Lebanon's Winter Wonderland (LWW) is now celebrating its 9th year in operation. (2016)
Since its inception, it has been the goal of LWW to promote both Horner Park and the City of Lebanon by offering a "different kind of holiday display" that not only appeals to the young, but the older generations as well.
This display is quite a nostalgic look back at times when everyone would decorate their yards with characters and scenes depicting the holiday and the holiday spirit.

Though we will continue to turn back the clock, we are also looking forward to the future.  With that we have already taken our first steps in providing a modern display. 

Vehicles enter the park through the north gate, follow the winding 8/10ths of a mile park road and exit through the south gate.  Along the way there are several scenes depicting life, fantasy, and more. 

The Blinky Show

Our animated light show, now nick-named "Blinky" is a display set to music.  

The display began its life on Harmon Drive here in Lebanon as the work of Seth Dunn and his family.  As a thank you to the Ronald McDonald House in St. Louis for their assistance during Seth's child's illness, Seth and his family raised money through donations from those that witnessed the display. After a successful year in 2011 with his display, Seth and family moved out of town but could not take the display with them.  LWW acquired the display, in its entirety, and decided to put it up for everyone to see.  The original show was used for two years in the park.  

Though no longer part of the main show, the original display has been rewired and repurposed.  You can see parts of it at the front gate, and out on "the point" along with a new 30 foot tall main tree.  A testiment to a well built display, we say thank you to its originator.

In the 5 years since LWW purchased it, Al & Peg Gerdes have totally renovated, revamped, and mostly rebuilt the animated light display. Putting a bit of "new-tech" behind the display, you will be treated with a visually stunning "show" which will create memories for years to come. (When was the last time you saw a singing tree?)  From the original 336 channels, we now boast 27,033 channels and it is growing.    Keep your eyes open for new and fun stuff - 2017 is set to an even better year with some really interesting surprises. 

Event Rationale

"Lebanon's Winter Wonderland is an enormous community wide event, giving more residents the opportunity to participate in something that all can enjoy."

Originally intended to be modeled after other successful light shows including The Shrine of our Lady of the Snows, Belleville, Illinois; Christmas Wonderland, Rock Springs Park, Alton, Illinois; and Tillis Park, St Louis, Missouri; Lebanon's Winter Wonderland has found its own identity as a nostalgic view of Christmas times past.  Though not intending to become a full on "flashy, blinky show", we are adding a touch of modern to the nostalgic for a truly unique experience for our visitors. 

Come and see what we have to offer.  You may just be surprised!